My vocal journey

I am still in the process of discovering my voice. It may be a lifelong process. I was sadly told that my voice was not nice when I was a child and that I should stick to the piano. I believed what I was told and didn’t start singing until I was nineteen. This experience of being discouraged about the quality of our singing voice by other people is a common experience for many of us and it often creates issues with singing confidence.

I learned to mask my confidence problems by doing vocal impressions. But manufacturing a voice that “sounds” impressive is often done using tension – a common issue for singers. It limits dynamic and tonal range to some degree and expressive range a great deal more and can lead to problems with vocal health…

A few years ago, I lost my singing voice for a few months after singing too hard using exercises that caused too much breath pressure and muscular resistance. However, this became an opportunity for me to question my technical approach and find new techniques that work to release my authentic, healthy voice. I now apply those techniques – and I also teach them to others – to release my voice technically and expressively.

My unique “voice” appeared on the piano long before I found it in my singing. But at last I have a sense of what my honest, natural voice is, its hallmarks in terms of timbre and phrasing and how that fits well with the musical styles that I pursue as an artist.