Phil Best – classical/nu classical solo piano

I compose and improvise in a nu classical style and sometimes veer into homage or pastiche as I also love to play classical repertoire but only in my own way.

The style of my original piano music has quite a wide range. My post minimal pieces and improvisations are intimate and often delicate. I also love to let rip and make virtuoso music that is thrilling or very dark. As a fluent pianist, I feel the piano is part of me, rather like my own voice and I love to improvise. I have albums of all improvised music and often improvise live in shows. My music is very melodic and harmonically rich and has a natural “storytelling” quality that is very immediate.

I also have a large repertoire of music by Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Brahms, Debussy and many other composers. As a child and student at the Royal Northern College of Music, I learned loads of classical piano music and still enjoy picking up new music. My approach to playing this music is not the most conventional. I love to make this music breathe, to give it rhythmic groove and a natural sense of unfolding story. I dislike pretentious, mannered or stuffy, academic approaches to classical music but always aim for an authentic vibrant sound that keeps this music fresh.

I love the piano as an instrument passionately and advances in digital technology, specifically physical modelling in the software package Pianoteq, mean that a vast library of beautiful instruments is available. I champion this technology enthusiastically as it gives me access to exciting instruments from the past,present and future.

My piano music is available on Spotify and AppleMusic and other music sites. My next album will be another entirely improvised set of 15 pieces and this will be available in August. I will post news of other forthcoming releases and live shows on here.