Louie Harrison – soulful jazz/RnB singer-songwriter

I chose this name as my Grandma was called Louise Harrison and it was her enthusiastic listening to my wild improvising as a child that got me on the path I love so much. Without her, I doubt I would have kept on writing my soul searching songs.

Current trends in jazz and nu soul are very inspiring whilst my passion for the jazzy soulful sound of Stevie Wonder as a child is still very much with me today. My jazzy songs feature the gorgeous physically modelled vintage electric pianos made by Rhodes, Wurltzer and Hohner. I love improvising very richly harmonic and melodic jazz evoking the sweet, dark chocolatey sounds that these instruments do so well. There is a melancholy quality to the music of Chopin and Mozart, a bitter-sweetness, that I also weave into this music.

I love to sing and my voice seems to naturally suit this sweet, melancholy soulful style of music. I learned classical singing first but soulful vocals were always my favourite. I always aim to make an authentic, vulnerable vocal sound. Although I enjoy using strong vocal technique and musicianship, it is important to me that my voice reveals the inner workings of my soul without any artifice. I write poetic, reflective lyrics and always want to generate a feeling of intimacy and directness through the vocal sound that connects the audience to the words’ meaning.

I will soon release a debut EP, which I am working on right now, called Defiance without Rage.