How do you feel as the tempo gets slower and slower?

When we listen actively to music with a clear groove which slows down gradually, we relax, unwind and feel ease. In this video, I improvise using a pulse that constantly slows down. Notice how it makes you feel!

Impromptu in E flat – unplanned improvisation

In this short improvised piece, Phil explores romantic impressionism, with some jazz influences in the harmonies. The feeling is tender with a certain urgency that resolves into warmth with a hint of melancholy by the end.

The courage to transform

Music can give us strength as we dig deep in order to find the courage to transform. Metamorphosis might be painful but ultimately it is beautiful.

‘Untouchable beauty’ piano improvisation on Pianoteq’s Steingraeber Intimate

My ‘Untouchable Beauty’ piano improvisation on Pianoteq’s Steingraeber Intimate. Nature is bigger than human beings. We arrogantly try to capture and control everything. Like trying to catch a butterfly, our exploits can easily cause harm or destruction. Some things are better left alone, in their natural state, untouchably beautiful!