Embracing the classical crossover genre 🎹

Classical crossover is one of those awkward genres of music, a little like “world music”. But as a classically trained pianist who also does jazz and pop, I should embrace it. Then this project, along with other artist projects that I do in more defined styles, can have much clearer identity.

Are we too obsessed by melody? 🎹

Composing and improvising can seem difficult when we approach it top down, trying to come up with good ideas. Trying to come up with a good melody can often generate terrible pressure that blocks us creatively. Here I explore how to wriggle out of this common trap.

The courage to transform 🎹

Music can give us strength as we dig deep in order to find the courage to transform. Metamorphosis might be painful but ultimately it is beautiful.

How to get a free technique 🎹

In this video, I introduce the first and most important step to having a free technique, which is to feel the natural, flowing rhythm and groove of the music in your body.

‘Untouchable beauty’ piano improvisation on Pianoteq’s Steingraeber Intimate

My ‘Untouchable Beauty’ piano improvisation on Pianoteq’s Steingraeber Intimate. Nature is bigger than human beings. We arrogantly try to capture and control everything. Like trying to catch a butterfly, our exploits can easily cause harm or destruction. Some things are better left alone, in their natural state, untouchably beautiful!