Pianoteq give us gorgeous, atmospheric Felt Pianos!

Pianoteq have introduced felted versions of their pianos. These beautiful, atmospheric pianos are incredibly expressive and playable, with all kinds of rich, complex colours possible. To demonstrate this, Phil improvises, exploring the range of sonorities, on the C....

Resisting the urge to change presets too much

The presets in Pianoteq and Waves that I use are designed by highly skilled people. So I resist the temptation to fiddle too much with them as they work very well out of the box. A few subtle adjustments are often all that is needed to find just the sound you’re...

Volume settings like a concert grand using Pianoteq

To recreate a realistic-sounding piano recording using Pianoteq, the experience must be very much the same. A concert grand piano is loud. To generate the same experience of playing one, we need to set the volume higher than normal listening.

How I make a classical recording using Pianoteq

To make a very plausible classical piano recording, I take the NY Steinway D Classical Recording but play it with the stereo width set to default (0), the mics in the player position and the reverb mix set to default (0). To make the recording, I revert back to the...

2 velocity curves for Pianoteq’s Steinway B Gentle

Different velocity curves can bring out different playing characteristics. This video features the same basic preset with drastically different velocity curves and a few other changes to generate very different playing experiences.