Recording Artist

I record and produce music, and regularly release it on Spotify, Apple Music etc. constantly. I enjoy the autonomy of working on my solo projects – often late into the night – in my little studio. I love technology and my setup is full of exciting software instruments. But most of all, I am passionate about improvisation and using music as a means of working through life’s emotional complexities.

Music is a source of tremendous solace and catharsis for me, both listening to the work of mother musicians and creating my own. The music I create, to help me make sense of life, can be anything from recording an album of complex pieces to just devising a slowing-down loop to help me get to sleep. So I love the opportunity of sharing the music I create in my studio with others. I have 4 projects:

Live Shows

I do live performances from time to time. My digital setup, though immense in a virtual dimension, has a small enough footprint to be portable – just! This helps me create something that is both intimate and powerful. As a fluent musician, both playing the keys and singing, I love improvisation. I like to give a very natural, spontaneous and directly expressive show that is very accessible and kind of personal. Every performance is different, as the unique space generated by all the individuals in the audience inspires my musical process.

It’s great to improvise to showcase different sounds, maybe ones I don’t even know myself, especially historic and futuristic pianos using the amazing physical modelling software Pianoteq. I also have a Roli Seaboard which is a very innovative kind of keyboard, so called because of the smooth wave-like bumps of the silicone rubber surface of board which means I can play very organic sounds that are complex and highly atmospheric.

I also love to make a rapport with my audience by talking – not too much though, I don’t stray into becoming a storyteller or stand up comedian: it’s all about the music! But I like to guide my audience through my rather personal musical journeys.