Phil is a very eclectic, fluent musician – a pianist, singer, composer and producer – working in many different styles and genres

Phil creates music in a wide range of styles that embrace aspects of classical, popular and jazz music: his work can cover post-minimal, colouristic, filmic, pop, experimental, new-age and all sort sorts of other styles.

As a solo pianist, his albums and live shows often feature his own reflective, dramatic, atmospheric and richly coloured pieces and improvisation sometimes alongside music by the classical composers – Chopin, Debussy, Mozart, Bach, Rachmaninov, Beethoven etc. – which he plays in a fresh, rhythmic, clear way with unusually direct expressive manners.

He plays on a wide range of beautiful physically modelled acoustic pianos, using Pianoteq – an exciting new technology which vividly recreates a wide range of extraordinary real pianos. He also plays keyboard generating a broad and colourful palate of amazing sounds. Phil’s vocals are melodious and soulful with an effortless warmth.


Multigenre composer, producer and recording artist – piano, voice and keyboards using huge range of instrumental sounds

Phil has released a number of solo piano albums featuring his own improvisations and compositions as well as classical repertoire. He has further albums planned for release including his own compositions in a wide range of styles and genres using different musical media – acoustic and electronic sounds, as well as voice.

With its clear storytelling and vivid mood-generating properties, the music that Phil records and produces is perfect both in its own right and as incidental music for film and TV. He has a large portfolio of recordings about to be released as albums. These will feature on Spotify and other streaming media sites shortly.

Live shows

Phil’s live shows are intimate and powerful. As a fluent musician, both as a pianist/keyboard player and singer, he often features improvisation. He always performs in a very natural, spontaneous and directly expressive way that is very accessible and intimate. Every performance is different, as the unique space generated by all the individuals in the audience inspires his very empathic process. His aim is always for the music to be intensely evocative, entertaining, beautiful and powerful.

He often creates a surprisingly smooth blend of classical structures and contemporary pop idioms. His music is frequently very melodic and accessible, even in unplanned improvisations and he loves to showcase different sounds, especially pianos from the past, present and future, using the amazing physical modelling software Pianoteq.

More recently, Phil has begun to play the Roli Seaboard which is a very innovative kind of keyboard, or rather “seaboard” – so called because of the smooth wave-like bumps of the silicone rubber surface of board. This instrument enables him to play very organic evolving sounds that are complex and highly atmospheric.

With a very natural rapport as a presenter, Phil guides the audience effortlessly along very personal musical journeys through his wide-ranging and emotionally rich soundworld.


Living room concerts

As well as performing in venues, Phil also performs in people’s homes. His living room concerts are a truly magical experience. In such an intimate and connected setting, the music is extraordinarily vivid and powerful.

If you would like to book Phil as an artist, maybe for a living room concert, or to discuss any musical possibilities with him, please feel free to get in touch.