Solo Piano

Phil creates acoustic solo piano music classical, post-minimal and colouristic jazz styles, featuring his own reflective, dramatic, atmospheric and richly coloured pieces and improvisations, and also performs music by the classical composers – Chopin, Debussy, Mozart, Bach, Rachmaninov, Beethoven etc. – which he plays in a rhythmic, fresh, clear and expressively direct way. His music features a wide range of beautiful physically modelled acoustic pianos, using Pianoteq – an exciting new technology which vividly recreates a wide range of extraordinary real pianos.

Phil has released 5 solo piano albums: Inside Stories (improvisations); a Mozart album; a Liszt and Ravel album; Freshly Squeezed (improvisations); and Chopin Nocturnes. His short play albums close to home and Before Dawn each feature 3 original melodic pieces. His new album, Nocturnal, featuring 11 of his own Nocturnes, will be available on Spotify and AppleMusic and other music sites very shortly. Phil also has music on SoundCloud and video performances on YouTube.

Jazzy Soul

As well as solo piano, he also composes songs and piano pieces in a soul-jazz style. These are very acoustic or unplugged in feeling, with simple beats and Pianoteq’s range of amazing Electric Pianos to accompany Phil’s soulful vocals. Phil will be releasing some soul-jazz songs very shortly.

Other Compositions

He also composes and produces ensemble, orchestral, electronic and electro-acoustic music in classical-, jazz- and pop-based styles – also soon to be released. His music has been used in TV and film and is always willing to take commissions and work to a brief.

Live Shows

Phil’s live shows are intimate and powerful. As a fluent player and improviser, he reacts very directly to the audience. Every performance is different as as the unique space generated by all the individuals present inspires his very spontaneous process. His aim is always for the music to provide real catharsis and solace.

Phil is appearing at the OSO Centre in Barnes on Wednesday March 13th where he will perform a solo piano show using his amazing digital setup. The concert will feature Mozart’s Fantasia in C minor K475 and Sonata in C minor K457 and his own Sonatas – No. 1 “…escape from utopia” and No. 2 “…beyond the clouds” – which are a blend of classical structure and contemporary pop/jazz idioms. There will also be some of Phil’s highly melodic and accessible improvisations showcasing different pianos from the past, present and perhaps even the future.

As well as performing in venues, Phil also performs in people’s homes. His living room concerts are a truly magical experience. In such an intimate and connected setting, the music is extraordinarily vivid and powerful.

If you would like to book Phil as an artist, maybe for a living room concert, or to discuss any musical possibilities with him, please feel free to get in touch.