Performing & Recording Artist

I have 5 artistic projects. As Phil Best, I create music in an intelligent classical crossover style. I’ve been performing professionally as a classical pianist since I was very young. My style of playing is very accessible, intelligible and expressively clear and honest. I perform a wide range of solo piano repertoire, including many highly virtuoso and demanding works. I also perform my own compositions and improvisations, which are influenced by both classical popular musical styles. I sometimes sing classical song repertoire, accompanying myself. My approach is unconventional, unpretentious and extremely passionate.

I also have four other artist projects in other styles of music. As PJ Best, I play and sing my own jazz compositions and improvisation. Again, my approach is to create powerful feelings and atmospheres in an accessible and informal way. I enjoy creating vivid colours with intricate rhythmic and tonal patterns often with infectious grooves supported by a rhythm section on the cajon which adds a certain busking feel. I occasionally sing or speak poetry in my sets.

As a lifelong meditator, music is naturally part of my spiritual seeking and practice. Using my middle name, Jon Best, I play introspective, new-age, post-minimal piano compositions, dripping with intense feelings.

In my project Not Parallel, I explore my passion for musical groove and catchy melody sung in a soulful way and accompanied chiefly by pianos, acoustic and electric, along with other electronic elements. The style is jazzy, neo-soul.

And Musometry is an electronica and dance-music project, ranging from chilled, loungey tracks to melodic EDM to new-age-esque tuneful soundscapes, usually piano-heavy with occasional vocals.


Live Shows

I do live performances from time to time, both playing the keys and singing (I’ll post details here). I love to improvise and generate a very natural, spontaneous and directly expressive show that is accessible and intimate. Every performance I do is different, as the unique space generated by everyone in the audience inspires my process.

My setup gives me access to a huge range of piano and keyboard sounds. I might even experiment on the spot and play sounds I’ve never heard myself. The software Pianoteq has a vast range of pianos including historic and futuristic ones. I also have a Roli Seaboard which is a very innovative kind of keyboard – or waveboard, so called because of the smooth wave-like bumps of the silicone rubber surface of board which means I can play very organic sounds that are complex and highly atmospheric.

I like to create a strong rapport with my audience. So I talk about the music… not too much though – I’m a musician not a storyteller or stand up comedian and music needs no explanation but I enjoy creating a show that amuses, entertains and guides my audience through the musical journey. As well as venues, I also enjoy doing house concerts using my amazing portable setup. If you’d like to book me, please drop me a line.