Pianist, singer, composer, piano teacher and singing teacher based in London SW6, the Hammersmith end of Fulham.


As a child, I discovered and played with the building blocks of music. Always fascinated by musical symmetry and structure, I improvised and composed patterns of sound because they felt good. This search for solace and catharsis in stories of melody, harmony and rhythm shaped my unique style that combines classical, jazz and pop influences. As an artist, I still make music this way. My style is emotionally-connected, direct, accessible and unpretentious both as a composer-producer in my own piano-, keyboards- and vocal-led projects and as a classical pianist. As a performer, I enjoy using my skills for virtuosity but even more for generating intimacy and connection. Especially when improvising, I love the emotional space that opens up between the audience and me: it shapes the music into an authentic, natural and spontaneous communication that has the potential to heal.


When I began giving piano lessons, I taught people to play scales and pieces by rote and to sight-read in a linear decoding way. This gained success within the sausage-factory system of grades but felt hypocritical. This conventional passive approach never worked for me and in my view, it stunts fluent musicianship. So I created a new learning system based on my own fluent grasp of the structure and patterns of music and now teach piano and singing using my highly innovative and effective approach. It trains real fluent musicianship skills like playing by ear, sight-singing/fluent sight-reading, improvisation and generally empowers people to express themselves musically with authenticity and freedom. It also help pianists and singers develop a strong, relaxed technique so that the music flows directly from the body and soul.





“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”

― Kahlil Gibran