I’m a pianist, singer, piano teacher, singing teacher, composer & producer.

I also teach practical musicianship theory, composition & music production. I work in my small but well-equipped music studio in London SW6 – Fulham, near Hammersmith.

As an artist, I am a virtuoso performer, fluent improviser and composer across classical and jazz styles. As a teacher, my approach is innovative, inspiring and sensitive to the student’s own style whilst my rates are very competitive. Use the links below to find out more and please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



Performing &
Recording Artist

Piano Teacher

Music Theory, Composition, Practical Musicianship

Singing Teacher

Voice & Performance Coach, Accompanist, Repetiteur


Arranger, Songwriter, Producer, Session Musician

Performing & Recording Artist


I have 3 artistic projects: Inside the Keys – classical piano; Musometry – jazz piano; and Not Parallel – soul vocals & keys. I aim to generate powerful, beautiful music which can be either simple or complex musically, and at times highly virtuoso, but always accessible and emotionally connected.

Whether dazzling and intense or intimate and sensitive, fluent improvisation is the important element that runs through all my music. I love the spontaneous, natural, organic unfolding sense that using this skill brings to my music.

I have released 3 classical albums – Inside stories – an album of improvisations, an album of Mozart piano music and an album of piano music by Liszt and Ravel and will soon be releasing an album of Rachmaninov piano music and another improvised album called Freshly Squeezed. I also have soul and jazz albums in the pipeline and live appearances planned in the near future.

Piano Teacher & Lessons in Music Theory, Composition & Practical Musicianship

I teach piano using my own clear and simple model of how music works rhythmically and tonally on the keyboard. This fascinating approach to piano tuition promotes genuine musical fluency and a natural, strong and flexible technique in the fingers and arms supported by the whole body and mind. Find out more about the MusicallyFluent training system…

I trained at the Royal Northern College of Music and have over 25 years’ experience teaching piano. My highly innovative but gimmick-free approach provides a solid foundation for piano students to explore all genres and styles of music – classical, jazz and rock and pop etc.

In piano lessons, we work on real musical skills such as improvisation, playing by ear and fluent sight-reading. Once a solid founation in fluent musicianship is established, we then can work on repertoire of the student’s own choice and if desired, study for ABSRM piano and jazz piano examinations.

Singing Teacher, Voice Coach, Accompanist, & Performance Coach

I have been providing singing lessons and vocal coaching for over 2 decades and have developed a powerful and innovative model for training vocal musicianship. My approach to singing teaching is first to release the natural voice – by opening the space in the vocal tract in a way that suits your particular voice type and supporting the freely resonating tone with energised breath from the body. This gives you a healthy voice with a natural expressive quality, strength, stamina, flexibility and an excellent vocal range in terms of pitch and dynamics so that the voice reaches high notes without any strain and is capable of full belt and soft tones. We then work on vocal musicianship to gain excellent rhythm and intonation.

I am equally happy training voices for classical, jazz and pop/rock styles of music. We can study for ABSRM examinations, if desired. I’ve also worked as an accompanist-coach or repetiteur for many years, and can work with singers and instrumentalists to develop their performance, communication skills and confidence. I can also help people improve their speaking voice and presentation skills.

Composer, Arranger, Songwriter, Session Musician & Producer

As a fluent improviser, I compose and arrange music very quickly. My music covers a broad spectrum of genres, classical, jazz, soul, electronic pop, rock/pop and experimental. I can write to any brief and have an extensive back catalogue or music library which is constantly expanding. I can provide finished pieces or stems and loops and professionally engraved scores and parts.

I’m an experienced session musician on piano, keyboards and vocals, with fluent sight-reading and improvisation skills, I can create music across many different styles. I can offer drum and string programming and vocal harmonies.

You can visit my composition site – JigsawMusic.