Pianist, singer, composer, piano teacher and singing teacher based in London SW6, the Hammersmith end of Fulham.


Since childhood, I’ve always been fascinated by the magic of musical symmetry and structure. I improvise and compose musical patterns simply because it feels so good: it brings solace and catharsis. I enjoy virtuosity and complexity but also intimacy and simplicity. I love dark, melancholy music but also sweet, soothing sounds.

My music has classical, jazz and pop influences. Because of the relatively broad palate of my music, I’ve split my work into two projects. As Phil Best,  I play classical music in my own accessible style alongside my own compositions and improvisations which are sometimes highly meditative in nature.

My jazzy, soulful compositions and songs are presented as the work of Louie Harrison (my beloved Grandma’s name was Louise Harrison). In both projects, I aim to create accessible music that is expressive and deep.

Making music for me is all about exploring the inner landscape of feeling, telling stories, communicating deep meanings that are beyond words, in a way that is clear, natural and unpretentious. I always practise hard – some might say obsessively – to develop my piano and singing skills and improve my command of musical language but I do this only to generate a stronger emotional and spiritual connection to the deep source of music which is universal – something we all know and share!


When I first gave piano lessons, I taught people in the conventional way, playing scales and pieces by rote, sight-reading by linear decoding and learning dry theory and this was successful within the sausage-factory system of graded exams but it felt so hypocritical to me…

As a child, I had never got along with this typical passive approach to studying music. I now firmly believe that although it can help a small number of people with a certain knack to improve their executive skills, it stunts true fluent musicianship. Fluency in the language of music is necessary for most people to feel expressive and confident.

So I’ve created a new learning system based on my own fluent grasp of the structure and patterns of music and now teach piano and also singing using this innovative and effective approach. It trains real fluent musicianship skills like playing by ear, sight-singing/fluent sight-reading, improvisation and generally empowers people to express themselves musically with authenticity and freedom.

I also love to coach pianists and singers in developing a strong, relaxed technique and a clear grasp of musical structure so that they can let the music flow directly from their body and soul. I give piano and singing lessons either in person in my little studio in London SW6 or via Skype/Zoom.



“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”

― Kahlil Gibran