I’m a pianist, singer, composer, piano teacher and singing teacher based in London SW6 – Fulham, near Hammersmith.

Music tells stories, it describes the inner experience of being alive in the world. I believe music has the potential to empower, heal and connect people…

Making music is like going for a walk in nature: I discover beauty, I don’t devise it!

Nu Classical Project – PHIL BEST

Powerful and accessible performances of classical piano repertoire (Bach, Mozart, Chopin etc.) and original music on pianos and keyboard instruments with voice and some electronic elements using the Roli Seaboard: this is a fresh & innovative approach to classical music.

Piano Lessons

Over 25 years’ experience. A clear, highly innovative, unique approach to make learning to play the piano an inspiring experience, which develops real practical musicianship skills: the art of piano improvisation, fluent sight-reading and playing by ear. Classical, jazz and pop styles. Theory lessons and composition lessons are also offered.

Singing Lessons

Over 20 years’ experience. A clear, innovative approach to unlock the true voice for natural, effortless singing and real musicianship. This powerful technique is developed alongside communication and performance skills to form a powerful, expressive singing voice.

Composer, Producer & Session Musician

Classically trained yet also a fluent improviser with consummate skills across many styles and genres. Creates music for education and for commercial media – film and TV. Vocal harmonies and improv, piano, keyboards, all kinds of digital music etc.

Accompanist and performance coach

Over 25 years’ experience accompanying and coaching a wide range of singers and solo musicians across many different styles and genres including classical, pop, rock, soul and musical theatre, with an innovative approach to developing confidence.

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You will find samples of my music within this website or you can hear more by visiting my SoundCloud page or my YouTube channel

Here are two improvised piano pieces:

And two classical piano pieces…