Pianist, singer, composer, piano teacher and singing teacher based in London SW6, the Hammersmith end of Fulham.

I trained as a classical pianist but I also perform and produce my own music influenced by classical, jazz and popular styles. I am a passionate musician – I love to entertain and inspire with music that is vivid and authentic.

As a piano and singing teacher, I make genuine fluency in the language of music my priority. Before preparing students for conventional exams, I first guide them through my own innovative foundation course. Once completed, students then have powerful musical skills that set up them for lifelong musical exploration and development.

I put fluent expression at the heart of my work as an artist and teacher

Fluency in the language of music forms the foundation of my music. I work constantly on my craft of expressing myself with clarity and truth. I believe that virtuoso, cool or clever techniques must always work towards generating depth of meaning, beauty and a certain soulful feeling.

Fluency is my focus both as a practising musician and as a teacher. I encourage both piano and vocal students to find their true voice, their own unique, natural sense of rhythmic flow or groove and to unlock their inner musician. This way, they can discover musical confidence, physical or technical freedom and self-expression.

Meditative not cognitive!

Music when approached in this way, is a kind of meditation. My music gives me solace and catharsis that comes from a deep inner place. My hope is that it can do something similar for my audience and students therefore be healing and empowering. So I work to create music in a very spontaneous, honest way, without needing to be contrived or worked out. Improvisation is the core of my practice and also my teaching.

My role as a 1-2-1 teacher is almost like a therapist. Unlocking our true voice and rhythm takes real courage. It is common to have had a negative relationship with learning music as a child, where rigid conventional approaches can rob people of their natural expressive sense. This can even be traumatic, leading to physical and psychological blockages that stop us from making music with ease and flow. I work with students compassionately helping them face and overcome their musical inhibitions.

My path

I was lucky to have had some great teachers – Ella Pounder and Dennis Matthews – who guided me along my own path of musical discovery, as I learned to express my truth using the language of music with real joy and passion. But I was also exposed to the highly competitive and narrow practices of conventional teaching: the relentless pressure to succeed and win every competition I entered was traumatising. So, now, as both an artist and a teacher, I am a peaceful rebel against this system. My job is simply to spread the truth of music as a force for good. I work against the misuse of music as a signifier of personal status or ego and instead promote it as a powerful source of love, connection and healing.



“Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”

― Kahlil Gibran