Phil’s live show is a completely unique and memorable event.

Because of his extremely empathic nature, he generates an intense atmosphere in his performances. By forming a direct dialogue with the audience, he finds ways of communicating that are intensely engaging and potent and introduces ways of relating to music that are illuminative and inspiring.

His unplanned improvisations all communicate directly into the unique emotional space created by everyone present.

So Phil’s music appears spontaneously out of the collective feeling that happens to be present on the night making each show is a complete one-off.

There is tremendous range in style and mood from tender or intimate through to dramatic or exhilarating. His dazzling yet effortless virtuosity and flair for beautiful melody and delicious texture make his music as entertaining as it is moving.

In his own works and improvisations, Phil’s musical style is a breath of fresh air: it succeeds in being original and contemporary without the slightest trace of trying to sound clever whilst also being generously appealing and accessible without any dumbing down or resorting to cliché. There is no attempt at reverential obedience of any kind and yet this is music that makes perfect sense in today’s complex world; music that opens the heart and mind and has the potential to heal.

The classical repertoire he includes – Rachmaninov, Debussy, Chopin, Bach etc. – is also delivered with such disarming and forthright honesty that it sounds as if it were composed yesterday. He shows the same technical prowess and natural expressiveness in this traditional repertoire as in his own works and improvising.

Phil’s state of the art digital set-up, featuring the handsome Roland V-Piano and the extraordinary physical modelling software, Pianoteq sounds simply stunning. He presents a suite of modern, historic and futuristic pianos that adds fascinating diversity and richness to the whole experience.

Phil is musician of rare vision and audacity… A pianist for the future!

Phil is always looking for suitable venues. Intimate spaces work very well and he will happily perform to small audiences and even in people’s homes. If you would like to book Phil, please get in touch.

Phil’s next live show – Musometry 2 – is on Monday 6th October at 7.30 pm
Barons Court Theatre -
Curtain’s Up Pub
28a Comeragh Road
London W14 9HR
020 8932 4747

Nearest tube – Barons Court

Find out more about it and buy tickets HERE

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