My live show – Musometry – is a unique and memorable event for a variety of reasons…

Because I am a rather sensitive, empathic sort, I tend to pick up on the mood of my audience in my live performances and the music I improvise or play is then less of a performance and more of a conversation or dialogue. This genuine engagement with the audience helps me communicate musically in ways that are more intense, accessible and potent.

I also like to talk about how I understand and relate to the music. I don’t say the usual things people say about music: I won’t discuss the history or theory of music much at all… I like to get under the surface and offer some insights that might be surprising and I hope inspiring.


My unplanned improvisations really communicate into the unique emotional space created by everyone who is there so the music that I play actually appears spontaneously out of the collective mood or feeling that happens to be present on the night. This makes each show a complete one-off.

I try to offer a wide range in style and mood from tender or intimate through to dramatic or exhilarating. I love to show the brilliance of the piano and to demonstrate how well it delivers beautiful, meaningful melodies and delicious textures. Above all, I aim to be a musical story-teller.


In my pieces and improvisations, I look for musical styles that are fresh but never self-consciously experimental: I want to be original and contemporary but without the slightest trace of trying to sound clever. I try to create music that has real appeal and accessibility without any dumbing down or resorting to cliché.

I like to play the classical repertoire I include – Rachmaninov, Debussy, Chopin, Bach etc. – in my own unique way. I dislike it when Classical music is made to sound rather inscrutable or pompous and so I always aim for disarming and forthright honesty.

I lack any kind of reverential obedience yet I always aim to follow the deepest musical principles so that it all can make sense. I hope to create music that opens hearts and minds and just maybe even has the potential to heal.

As much as I like music which has a natural simplicity, I also love technical challenges and really enjoy showing the exhilarating virtuoso side of the piano.

My amazing digital set-up, features either the Roland V-Piano or the Yamaha CP4 together with the extraordinary physical modelling software, Pianoteq which sounds simply stunning. I actually have access to a whole suite of modern, historic and futuristic pianos and this can add diversity and richness to the whole live experience.

I’m always looking for suitable venues. Intimate spaces work very well and I will happily perform to small audiences, even in people’s homes. If you would like to book me for a live appearance, please get in touch.

News of my next live appearance will be on here shortly.