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I’m a pianist, singer, composer, piano teacher and singing teacher based in London SW6 – Fulham, near Hammersmith. I’m devoted to the making music a meaningful, powerful and magical experience and to unearthing the joy, solace and freedom that it can bring.

When I improvise, it’s like going for a walk in nature: I discover beauty, I don’t devise it!

Performing and recording artist

As an artist, I work to create rich, beautiful and powerful and accessible piano music, sometimes with vocals. I trained as a classical pianist at the Royal Northern College of Music but am also very influenced by jazz and soul music and am a very fluent improviser in many styles. My influences are very eclectic: Chopin and Stevie Wonder are perhaps my biggest!

Piano lessons

I have been teaching piano for over 20 years. I provide inspiration together with a clear and disciplined path to make learning to play the piano a fascinating and enjoyable experience. I have my own unique and radical method which develops practical musicianship skills such as the art of piano improvisation, fluent sight-reading, playing by ear and the ability to learn new music very quickly. I offer training in classical, jazz and popular styles.

Singing lessons

After many years of teaching singing, I now use my own comprehensive vocal model which enables students to unlock their true, natural singing voice. I also teach musicianship and performance skills which combine with a strong singing technique to help you become a great singer with a powerful, expressive voice.

Composition and theory lessons

My composition and theory lessons are based on a deep understanding of the principles of rhythm, structure and tonality. This approach generates facility and unlocks powerful creativity.

Vocal coach – répétiteur

I have many years’ experience accompanying singers and providing inspirational coaching to help them find deeper confidence, musical assurance and expressive magic in their vocal performances.

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There are a few free samples of my music in the pages of this website or you can hear more by visiting my SoundCloud page or my YouTube channel.

Here are two improvised piano pieces:

And two classical piano pieces…