I’m a pianist, singer, composer, piano teacher and singing teacher based in London SW6 – Fulham, near Hammersmith.

I am devoted to making music a meaningful, powerful and magical experience, unearthing the joy, solace and freedom that it can bring.

Making music is like going for a walk in nature: I discover beauty, I don’t devise it!



Performing & recording artist

As an artist, I work to create rich, beautiful and powerful and accessible piano music, sometimes with vocals. I trained as a classical pianist at the Royal Northern College of Music but am also very influenced by jazz and soul music and am a very fluent improviser in many styles. My influences are very eclectic: Chopin and Stevie Wonder are perhaps my biggest!

Piano teacher

I have been teaching piano for over 20 years. I offer piano lessons which provide inspiration with a clear, innovative approach to make learning to play the piano a fascinating and enjoyable experience. I have my own unique and radical method which develops practical musicianship skills. Students learn the art of piano improvisation, to sight-reading fluently, to be able to play by ear and learn new music quickly. I cover classical, jazz and popular styles.

Singing teacher

I have been giving singing lessons for over 20 years. I teach a comprehensive vocal model which enables students to unlock their vocal potential and learn to sing naturally and with ease. I also teach musicianship and performance skills which combine with a strong singing technique to help you become a great singer with a powerful, expressive voice.

Composer and producer

I compose and produce acoustic and electronic music in a wide range of styles for film and TV or any other purpose. I also compose ensemble music for schools. I work quickly, can follow a brief easily and welcome commissions.

Versatile pianist & singer

I’m a fluent improviser, sight-reader and sight-singer, experienced and accomplished in various roles: session musician – keyboards, programming and backing vocalist; and a accompanist for singers and instrumentalists.

Music for transformation

I offer 1-2-1 or group sessions exploring the relationship between music and our lives. Music can work as a powerful meditation and mindfulness tool… it offers solace or catharsis. Releasing our true voice is also a very powerful way to transform our lives. I help people to unlock their creativity, explore their potential, develop greater confidence and communication skills and quieten the mental chatter at the root of all stress and anxiety.


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You will find samples of my music within this website or you can hear more by visiting my SoundCloud page or my YouTube channel

Here are two improvised piano pieces:

And two classical piano pieces…