Based in London (the Hammersmith end of Fulham – SW6), Phil is a pianist, composer, singer, producer, piano teacher and singing teacher.

IMG_612With a thorough classical training and many years’ experience, Phil is a
 fluent musician and a champion of natural expression both as an artist and as a teacher. Improvisation lies at the heart of his piano playing and indeed all his music-making. He is passionate about constantly developing practical musicianship skills, using his own unique approach.

Fluent musicianship forms a major part of his approach to piano teaching and he has created a course called Musically Fluent which uses a new and unique approach to training these essential musical skills.

As an artist, Phil performs music which he composes himself as well as work by other composers and he often improvises on the spot demonstrating a remarkable ability to create music instantly, which is complex, richly expressive and coherent. There is always beauty, depth and soul in his music as well as an effortless virtuosity. His manner is accessible and natural and there is always a strong emotional connection.

He fully embraces the latest exciting developments in technology and uses the Roland V-Piano with Pianoteq: an ingenious piece of software that uses physical modelling to recreate the full expressive power of acoustic pianos. This means that he has a suite of modern, historic and futuristic pianos at his disposal. His musical style is an innovative fusion of elements from both classical and jazz/popular musical styles. He releases albums and performs live.

As a piano teacher he has developed powerful, unique ways of training that are designed to remove the blocks created by the mind – sometimes because of previous learning – to unlock innate musicality.

As a singing teacher, he helps students find their authentic voice by releasing tension and finding expressive power and resonance.

As a composer, producer and session musician, Phil is very versatile and able to work in a broad range of styles. He has music placed in commercial music libraries and always welcomes further opportunities to create music for film or TV projects. He is very comfortable working to a set brief and can deliver even the most demanding assignments within a tight time-frame.

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